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Welcome To Civil Engineering Works!

Civil Engineering Work is an online organization where civil engineering related articles are posted in the web site. And all types of civil engineering help are provided. Our company is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Through our web site “www.civilengworks.com”, we publish articles online about civil engineering. We discuss various parts of the building substrate, such as pile, foundations, footing etc. on our web site. And super structures, columns, beams, roof casting, walls, plaster, sensitization etc. are discussed.  

We have more discussion topics:

  1. Transportation Engineering
  2. Surveying
  3. Construction
  4. Design of Structure
  5. Building Material
  6. Building Structure
  7. Dam & River
  8. Estimating & Costing
  9. Environmental Engineering
  10. Repair or Protection Guide, etc.

Apart from these things, we also discuss other issues.

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