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RCC One Way Slab Design: WSD Method

In the case of RCC One Way Slab Design, the width of the slab is considered as a span and a 1 meter strip with width is designed like a beam. RCC One Way Slab Design: Step 1: RCC One Way Slab Design load Slab weight: Determining the depth of the rcc one way slab,

Underground Water Tank Design

What is Underground Water Tank? Underground Water Tank: For people’s use, water storage arrangements under Ground Floor are called Reserve Tanks or Underground Water Tank. The size of the reserve tank, depending on the number of people living in it and how long time the water will be stored. Design Reserve Tank or Design Underground

How to Design A Staircase

What is Staircase Stair: The steps that made for moving from one floor to other floor called Stairs or Staircase. What Is Trade Trade: Trade is the horizontal part of the step. In other words, the horizontal part of the staircase, called Trade. What is Riser Riser: The riser is a vertical part of two steps,