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Definition of Reinforcement Concrete Slab

Ribbed Concrete Slab: Light or medium is not suitable for live loads like One Way or Two Way Concrete Slab. However, the ribbed slab is not suitable for more than one-way or two-way slab.  In order to design this type of slab, the rhythm of T-beam consistently made. The middle portion of the rib is

Definition of Concrete Floor Slab

What is Flat Slab or Concrete Floor Flat Slab? Flat Slab: Concrete Floor Slabs that supply loads directly on the column, called flat slabs. It is also called unmanned slabs. Generally, flat slabs design on all the slabs that are almost square. The main parts of the flat slab are two. Such as drop panel and column

RCC Floor Slab Detailing

What is Slab or RCC Floor Slab? Slab: The flat plates that are made of R.C.C. or C.C. are called slabs or floor slab. Overall R.C.C. Floor-slab can be divided into the following categories. Such as  One Way Slab Two Way Slab  Flat Slab Ribbed Slab R.B. Slab  1. One Way Slab The edges of the