Definition of Concrete Floor Slab

  • What is Flat Slab or Concrete Floor Flat Slab?

Flat Slab: Concrete Floor Slabs that supply loads directly on the column, called flat slabs. It is also called unmanned slabs. Generally, flat slabs design on all the slabs that are almost square. The main parts of the flat slab are two. Such as drop panel and column capital.


concrete floor slab
Fig-1: Concrete flat slab


  • Drop panel:

Slab responsiveness is not always the same in R.C.C structure. There may be more thickness of partial square or circular area directly above the column. The extra-depth part of the slab on the middle column of the slab is called a drop panel. Normally if the column is round, the drop panel is round and if the column is square then the drop panel is square.

  fig-2: Drop panel

  • Column Capital:

The upper part of the column used under the flat slab is kept gradually wide. The upper section of the column is called column capital. The amount of column capital is 0.22L to 2.25L. Here is the L = slab length.


  fig-3: Column Capital & Drop panel


  1. This kind of slab making equipment takes less. This creates less cost of construction. And formwork is very common.
  2.  Because there is no beam or girders, more light is available.
  3.  The height of the room is more available.
  4.  It is easy to set up gas and electricity lines because the roof is equal to the bottom.
  5. This type of slab can carry more weight than the one-way slab.


  1. There are three panels in addition to the construction of flat slabs.
  2. The length and width ratio of the slab will not be more than 1.33.
  3. Columns should be sorted in such a way that rectangular panels are available. After both sides, the length of the panels cannot be more than 20% of the larger span length.


    fig-4: Flat-Slab Structure

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