Different Types of The Arch

  • The Arch: The Arch means brick or stone blocks are made of circular shapes on the door or window or opening. So that the blocks are able to withstand the pressure of the upper load. Therefore, the circular frame made specifically by brick or stone blocks is called The _Arch. It is placed on both sides support of the opening. The work of the Arch is to carry its own weight and other upper body weight on both side support.

    Fig:1 Arch


  1. A powerful abutment is available.
  2. It can be used in a larger span.
  3. Where the weight is higher than it can be used.
  4. The structure is used for special beauty.
  • The Name of  The Various Parts of The Arch

Intrados: The inner curve of the arch is called intrados.

Extrados: The outside curve is called Extrados.

Voussoirs: The arch is constructed with wedge shape bricks or pre-cast blocks called voussoirs. That is, after the skew back of the arch, the blocks used to the key-stone are called voussoirs.

Crown: The highest point of the extrados of the_arch is called Crown.

Keystone: The large wedge-shaped block that is placed in the middle of the_arch, in the highest point, is called the key stone.

Springing line: If the two springing points are connected by a fictional horizontal line, say the springing line.

Arch ring: To create the_arch, the circle that is rounded is called the_arch ring.

Depth or height: The length between the extrados and intrados is called the depth or hight.

Soffit: The inner surface of the_arch is soffit.

Rise: From the spring of the_arch to the bottom of the key-stone, the vertical rump is called rise.

Spandrel: The middle part on the outside of the_arch is called spandrel.

Pier: The middle wall of the two arches afterward was called the pier.

Back: The outside surface of the_arch is called back.

Span: The horizontal distance between the two sides of the_arch is called a span.

Abutment: The wall on which the arc reads the weight, is called abutment.

Hunch: The lower part of the midway between the skew back and the crown is called the hunch.

Skewback: It is the diagonal surface of the pivot, from which the first_arch of the_arch is placed as a skew back.

  • Classification of Arch

According to materials of construction:

  1. Brick_Arch.
  2. Stone_Arch.
  3. Concrete_Arch.
Fig:2 Brick_Arch
Fig:3 Stone_Arch
Fig4: Concrete_Arch

Types of arched shapes:

  1. Segment_Arch.
  2. Semi-Circular_Arch.
  3. Horse-shoe_Arch.
  4. Pointed_Arch.
  5. Venetian_Arch.
  6. Florentine_Arch.
  7. Relieving_Arch.
  8. Stilted_Arch.
  9. Inverted_Arch.
  10. Semi-Elliptical_Arch.
  11. Flat_Arch.
  12. Dutch or French_Arch.

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