Underground Water Tank Design

What is Underground Water Tank? Underground Water Tank: For people’s use, water storage arrangements under Ground Floor are called Reserve Tanks or Underground Water Tank. The size of the reserve tank, depending on the number of people living in it and how long time the water will be stored. Design Reserve Tank or Design Underground

Different Types of The Arch

The Arch: The Arch means brick or stone blocks are made of circular shapes on the door or window or opening. So that the blocks are able to withstand the pressure of the upper load. Therefore, the circular frame made specifically by brick or stone blocks is called The _Arch. It is placed on both sides

How To Convert Units MKS To FPS

Convert Units MKS to FPS M.K.S = Meter Kilogram Second. F.P.S = Feet Pound Second. How to Convert Units Inch to Feet? For Convert Units Inch To Feet, 1 inches divided by 12 inches and knows how much fits in 1 inches. Example:  = 0.0833’ For the benefit of calculating, the value can be taken 0.08. 1’’= 0.08’

How to Design A Staircase

What is Staircase Stair: The steps that made for moving from one floor to other floor called Stairs or Staircase. What Is Trade Trade: Trade is the horizontal part of the step. In other words, the horizontal part of the staircase, called Trade. What is Riser Riser: The riser is a vertical part of two steps,

Definition of Reinforcement Concrete Slab

Ribbed Concrete Slab: Light or medium is not suitable for live loads like One Way or Two Way Concrete Slab. However, the ribbed slab is not suitable for more than one-way or two-way slab.  In order to design this type of slab, the rhythm of T-beam consistently made. The middle portion of the rib is

Definition of Concrete Floor Slab

What is Flat Slab or Concrete Floor Flat Slab? Flat Slab: Concrete Floor Slabs that supply loads directly on the column, called flat slabs. It is also called unmanned slabs. Generally, flat slabs design on all the slabs that are almost square. The main parts of the flat slab are two. Such as drop panel and column