RCC Floor Slab Detailing

  • What is Slab or RCC Floor Slab?

Slab: The flat plates that are made of R.C.C. or C.C. are called slabs or floor slab.

  • Overall R.C.C. Floor-slab can be divided into the following categories. Such as

  1.  One Way Slab
  2. Two Way Slab
  3.  Flat Slab
  4. Ribbed Slab
  5. R.B. Slab 

1. One Way Slab

The edges of the slabs that stand on the wall or the beam support and the shorter edges of the slab are not supported, they are called one-way slab.

one way rcc floor slab
fig. 1: One-Way slab

 The main reinforcement of one-way slab is used only on the one side, that is to say, the level of the slab panel along the bottom level. Temperatures and shrinkage bars are used along the length of the slab panel. All the weight of the slab is placed on the wall or beam in the long end of the slab through the main reinforcement. One way slab is designed in that the length of the floor slab is double or more than double that of its width.

2. Two Way Slab
The clusters of the slabs that lie on the wall or the beam around and the main reinforcement of the slab are used on both sides, it is called two-way slab.

fig. 2: Two Way Slab


  1. Flat ceilings are available in this slab because there is no beam in the middle of the cell. 
  2. The height of the room is more available. 
  3. Do not obstruct the reflection of light. 
  4. The beauty of the room increases.


  1. This slab design method is more complex than the one-way slab. 
  2. Skilled workers are needed. 
  3. The construction cost is relatively high.
  • What is the main difference between roof slab and floor slab?

A multi-storied house, which is used as a roof, its used as a floor for the people living on the upper floor.

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