Special type of concrete

Special type of concrete

Common concrete is prepared with Portland cement, course aggregate, fine aggregate and water. Which are widely used worldwide as important building materials. A new concept of concrete has been created through the construction of technology and continuous examination of construction materials. Based on this new concept, the new concrete has been named “special type of concrete”. Special types of concrete are shared in the following way:

  1. Polymer Concrete
  2. Super plasticized concrete
  3. Fiber Reinforced concrete
  4. Sulfur impregnated concrete
  5. Ultra High Strength Concrete
Special type of concrete
fig:1 Polymer Concrete
Special type of concrete
fig 2: Super plasticized concrete


Special type of concrete
fig 3: Fiber Reinforced concrete

Polymer Concrete:

Concrete technology has created a new type of concrete, which is known as polymer concrete, to increase and enhance concrete properties by continuous testing.

Types of Polymer Concrete:

  1. Polymer Impregnate Concrete – PIC
  2. Polymer Cement Concrete – PCC
  3. Polymer Concrete – PC

Super plasticized concrete:

                More plastic quality concrete is called “super plasticized concrete”. The flow is made using plastic material as an admixer, so that it can be automatically adjusted. Adding concrete to super-plasticized increases the concrete workability, the amount of water kept low, and strong concrete available without increasing the cement amount.

Ferro-cement Concrete

                Cement concrete is made of fermented sand, by using the finest Portland cement and water mix, using fresh or elongated metal reinforcements. Form works are coated with thick sand, cement and water mixture by placing dein-on-rit metal. Iron rods are also used if needed. Later, 24 hours were given for the obstacles. Then 24 days are covered in water. And the formwork is taken away.

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